•     AEROBICK 是一款高端专业级健身设备,可用于家庭、医院、会所、康复中心等场所,面向高端人群。其最大特点是可以连接互联网,并将用户在锻炼中的健康信息上传至康贝健康数据管理中心。在对用户的实时以及历史健康数据进行分析后,专业人员将给予用户科学的健康指导。

•     AEROBICK内部机械传动结构的开发由爱谷日方工程团队担当,从设计到完成全部测试耗费了近8个月的时间,最终我们实现了产品性能对竞争对手的全面超越!

•     COMBI AEROBICK is high-end professional fitness equipment and can be installed for high-end customers in places like home, hospitals, clubs, and rehabilitation centers. Featuring access to Wi-Fi, AEROBICK can upload the data during exercise onto the COMBI Health Data Management Center. After a thorough analysis according to the in-time and historical data, professional health care personnel are to give scientific guidance to the users.

•     AEROBICK’s internal mechanical drive system is researched and developed by Tokyo I.CO in a period as long as around 8 months, finally realizing the all-round superiority in product properties over the competitors’ products.

To effectively control the cost, Tokyo I.CO employs a special blister technology in Japan whose products are as qualified as those made with injection molding and which is free from surface spray. Thus the blistering technology helps to strike a perfect balance between quality and cost.

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