•     在婴儿护理时还要处理家中其他各项家务,这时婴儿的安全问题该如何解决?壁挂式儿童保护椅便是为此专门设计。柔和圆润的外形让婴儿避免各种直角或棱角的伤害,可更换的柔软后背靠垫让婴儿更加安全舒适;座椅形状经过反复研究最终设计为婴儿难以依靠个人能力脱出的形态,更加安全可靠;墙壁固定式安装,墙面与角落均可安装,坚固又便捷;座椅部分可折叠设计,在不使用时可节省空间;产品主要部件均为安全环保可回收材质,让使用更加放心。

•     How can you ensure the baby’s safety when, at the same time, you have house chores on hand? You can use the wall-mounted children’s safety chair. The round outlook can protect the babies from the angles, corners and edges; the soft replaceable cushion can make baby feel more comfortable and secure; the chair is shaped, after various designs, in a way the baby couldn’t get out own its own, being safer and more trustworthy; the chair can be fixed on the wall surface or the wall corner, being stable and convenient; the chair is foldable, which can save space when the it is not used; all the materials used on the main structure are environmentally friendly, reassuring the users.

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