•     “符号化“是提升产品识别度的重要手段,对此我们将基因链“双螺旋”结构的形态含蓄地融入到产品两侧通风孔的细节设计中,从而形成了产品“ICON”。此举在强化产品视觉中心的同时,还与产品功能”基因扩增”十分贴切!

•     天隆先前的产品较为中规中矩,虽体现出一定的专业感,但产品定位较为保守、传统。而本次的“双螺旋”设计元素,肩负着引领天隆未来产品系列化设计的重任,为企业PI体系的建立起到了良好开端。

•     Marking an icon to a product can be an important method to make it more recognizable. Therefore, I.CO marks its product with the double helix structure from the gene strand; the double-helix-shaped ventilation holes in either side of the product makes itself more recognizable and echoes with the product function of “gene amplification”.

•     TIANLONG used to produce products with ordinary design which, though with a sense of professionalism, is conservative and traditional. The design element of the double helix by I.CO is shouldering the responsibility of product seriation for the future products of TIANLONG and has given a good start to the establishment of the enterprise PI system.

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