•     全自动化学发光免疫分析测定仪是基于化学发光免疫分析技术,与专用的化学发光免疫分析法试剂盒配合使用,可用于人体样本中相关物质作定量或定性测定,以医院检验科医师和科研人员作为目标用户。

•     客户提出产品定位中高端,希望产品以独具匠心的外观与其成熟的内部结构形式与自动化操作流程相匹配,同时还要兼顾国内与国外市场对产品高品质的要求

•     针对客户原始样机外观设计保守、呆板、粗糙、无竞争力的问题,从市场主流竞品入手进行调研分析,定位设计方向,以精巧、合理的内部框架结构设计作为开端,外观设计结合产品各功能模块的运作,进行形体的构成组合,丰富了产品造型的层次变化,同时强化了设备操作流程,大面积的透明舱罩设计是产品外观亮点,这不仅使产品表现的更加灵动和智能化,也方便对设备的操作过程进行监控。

•     Automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer is based on chemiluminescence immunoassay technology, with special chemical luminescence immunoassay kit, can be used in the relevant material in the sample for determination of quantitative or qualitative, clinical laboratory for hospital doctors and researchers as the target user.

•     Product positioning in the high-end customers, hope the products with unique appearance and the internal structure of mature form to match the automation process, as well as both domestic and foreign market demand for products of high quality.

•     Design according to customer's original prototype conservative, dull, rough, not competitive problem, through the research of the mainstream competing goods analysis from the market, positioning design direction, with exquisite, reasonable internal frame structure design as a start, operation of each function module design combined with products and to form a combination, enrich the level changes of product modeling, to strengthen the equipment operation process at the same time, a large area of transparent tank cover design is a product appearance, not only make the product more clever and intelligent, and is convenient to monitor the operation of equipment.

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