•    老旧的实验仪器造型已经与科技信息化的今天渐行渐远,严肃冰冷的实验仪器形象不再适用于新时代的工业潮流。

•    这台用于检测血液中反应蛋白浓度的医学实验仪器,同时又是艾维德品牌的先头产品,因此我们的设计肩负着引领未来艾维德品牌系列产品的设计潮流与方向之重任。对此,我们完全抛离老旧程式化的视觉感受,以优雅的流线设计带来更亲和、自由奔放的感觉;金属边框的设计提升了产品的精密感与品质感;前控面板及舱盖处曲线的造型变化为产品带来一丝灵动的美感;实验舱内设置的蓝色灯光在方便观察的同时也为产品提升科技感。

•     The old design for laboratory equipment has now drifted apart from the scientific and informationized age today; the strict and cold image of laboratory equipment is no longer welcomed in the industrial trend of new age.

•     The IVD Full-automatic CRP Analyzer, the medical experimental equipment used on test the density of reactive protein, is the knock-out product of IVD. Therefore, I.CO, responsible for the design, is shouldering the responsibility of leading the future design trend and direction for IVD product series. I.CO totally gets rid of the old visual perception and design a streamlined Analyzer with a feeling of affinity and freedom; the metal frame makes the product more exquisite and sophisticated; the curved line in the front control panel and the compartment cover brings the product a little smartness and beauty; the built-in blue light in the experiment compartment makes observation more convenient and gives the product more scientific feelings.

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