•     Zenoah面向欧洲园林业而专门设计的高强度割草机。机身为了应对高强度作业而设计的全新防震系统,其刃部也采用了强力的造型来表现。整体造型整洁又坚实,充分体现安全与牢靠性;富有张力的机身线条展现出无比的力量,给人专业、精良、可靠的感受。

•     Zenoah is a highly-intense lawnmower specially designed for the European gardening industry. To copy with the work of high intensity, Zenoah is designed with a brand new shock reduction system and a cutting edge of strong force; its outlook is neat, solid, and safe; the highly forced lines present incomparable force, giving a feeling of professionalism, high quality and trustworthiness.

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