•     与全自动分析仪不同的是,台面式分析仪对尺寸的要求非常严格,因此科学紧凑的布局,方便快捷的操作流程,同时与前款Lica4000保持系列化特质,是本次项目的重点。

•     本次设计延续Lica 4000精密、情感化的定位。正面看犹如一台复古电视机,光滑平整的深色视窗成为视觉中心,视窗外凸的造型,增加一些复古的趣味性,使产品看起来更精致;大面积的分色简洁规整、易于识别,半透明的视窗,便于随时观察产品运行状态;分色和材质的运用,与Lica 4000 的设计语言形成呼应,但Smart更方正的造型,体现其了紧凑、高效、灵活的产品定位;触控屏位于产品左侧,便于使用者操作;纵向的状态指示灯,增加了科技感。

•     Different from automatic analyzers, the desktop analyzers require very strict measurements that make the scientific and compact layout, convenient and quick operation process and the serial features of previous Lica4000 become the key points of the design of this product.

•     This product continues the positioning of Lica4000, precisive and emotional. From the front, it looks like a retro TV with its protruding, smooth and dark window as the visual center, leaving the tastes of retro but more delicate; the distinctive semi-transparent window of a large area of color separation, simple and regular, is convenient for observing the running status at any time; the use of color and material echoes the design language of Lica4000 but the shape of Smart is more square, reflecting its compact, efficient and flexible product positioning; the touch screen is arranged on the left side for easier operation; and the longitudinally arranged indicators increase the sense of technology.

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