•     体外诊断设备的最新设计趋势是极致简约+高可识别特征。

•     极致简约要求设计师将不尽规整的各功能区域进行重新划分和归纳,在优化人机交互,提高效率的同时,使产品的视觉比例更加优越。

•     高可识别特征应当与整体设计自然协调,避免刻意、做作。设计师将主要操作区域通过统一的深灰色色块相区分,尤其将体现“智磁“核心技术的磁珠盘抽屉面板设计为黑色金属拉丝质感,并与相邻的深灰色玻璃视窗形成对比,低调、神秘且极具高级感!

•     为了将高可识别特征与产品整体自然融合,将深灰色区域左侧与下侧的面微微向后倾斜,自然相交出连接整体轮廓和视觉中心的斜折线。使产品整体感更强,同时还极具未来科技感。

•     为进一步优化用户体验,设计师将试剂架提篮精心雕琢,设计了手感出众的精细曲面。同时,为了降低误操作概率,我们在提篮握把尾端通过不同的颜色来区分“进样“和”回收“,提高了视觉识别度。

•     最后,我们还为知心上智公司设计了品牌LOGO以及精致的产品标贴,在提升产品精致感的同时,进一步传达了品牌愿景以及kok官方体育官网。

•     The latest design trends of IVD device are extreme simplicity plus high recognition features.

•     Extreme simplicity requires designers to reclassify and generalize the various functional areas that are not well deployed, so that the visual ratio of products can be more bettered while optimizing the man-machine interaction and improving the efficiency.

•     High recognition features should be naturally coordinated with the overall design, avoiding deliberation and affectation. For this purpose, the designer distinguished the major operation area with the unified dark gray block, especially the design of the faceplate of magnetic bead drawer in black metal wiredrawing texture, which reflects the core technology of “magneto-intelligence”, and make it a contrast with the adjacent dark gray glass window, giving a sense of low profile, mystery and high-class!

•     To infuse naturally the high recognition features in the whole product, we tilted slightly backwards the left and lower areas in dark gray, naturally giving the slanting crease line which would link the contour lines with the visual center. Such design makes the product more integrated, and also makes it very futuristic.

•     In order to further optimize the user experience, the designer elaborately sculptured the reagent basket and developed a fine surface with excellent hand feeling. To reduce the risks of false operation, we use different colors on the handle and the bottom of the basket to distinguish “sample-in” and “sample-out” to improve visual recognition.

•     Finally, we also designed the brand LOGO and delicate product labels for the Zhixin Shangzhi Company, which not only improve the exquisite sense of the product, but also further convey the brand vision and company culture.

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