•     体外诊断设备近年来的设计趋势是在保持简约的基调之上,融入自然且不做作的设计“标识”在提升产品辨识度的同时,为设计注入灵魂,体现其品牌的定位与文化内涵。

•     EASY12核酸提取仪的主形体方正、端庄,产品前部斜向63度切割后形成了完整的观测窗区域,其中隐含显示屏,形成了非常完整的产品视觉中心,同时满足了用户舒适的观察角度。深灰色半透明观测窗上设计有非常前卫的型号和产品名称字体,为产品营造出强烈的未来感氛围。观测窗可上掀打开,为用户提供了宽阔的操作空间。同时,屏幕模块为固定结构,不随观测窗打开,满足了开盖操作的使用需求。

•     In recent years, the design of IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device) keeps the tone of simplicity with the designing “tag” of nature and homeliness to infuse the soul and reflect the brand positioning and cultural connotation while improving the product identification.

•     The main body of EASY12 Nucleic Acid Extractor is square and demure. The front 63-degree oblique section forms an observation window with an implicit display screen, constructing a visual attraction of the whole product and providing a comfortable observation angle for the user as well. The dark gray semi-transparent window is decorated with the name and type of the product in vanguard fonts, building the atmosphere of a strong sense of future. The window can be flipped up to open, providing users with a wide operating space. In the meanwhile, the implicit display screen module is fixed inside to meet the needs of operation with the open observation window.

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