•     中医经络检测仪可根据手脚对应的十二经络原穴进行信息采集,结合中医经络诊断原理、生物电原理、良导络理论, 通过计算机数据分析得出中医诊疗结论。

•     中医诊断讲究望、闻、问、切,更加强调医生与患者间的交互。因此,中医诊疗设备应更加注重环境与氛围感的营造,为医患双方提供更加轻松、自然、亲和的诊疗体验。同时,为了加快中医设备的现代化进程,设计师还为产品注入了专业感和科技感,在注重氛围营造的同时并未弱化产品的仪器感属性。这种平衡的拿捏贯穿了项目的始终。

•     为优化用户体验,设计师从零开始搭建人机工程学模型,经过多轮研讨,将检测流程的每一个环节都做了最大程度的优化,并且此案例还有幸被纳入了由华中科技大学出版社出版的大学教材《设计中的人机工程学》之中。

•     为突出中医设备的定位,我们将寓意长寿、健康的银杏树叶的形态融入设计中,打造出立体式、悬浮感的操作平台。再结合简约、柔和的一体式座椅,呈现出错落有致的韵律感以及轻盈感。同时,我们还为产品设计了银杏树叶形态的新logo,进一步传达了设计师对现代中医设备设计理念的诠释。

•     The Chinese medicine meridian detector is a computerized device, which can collect information of 12 meridians from the acupoints on hands and feet, analyze the data with the synthesis of TCM meridian diagnosis principle, bioelectricity principle and the theory of ryodoraku, and give the solutions of TCM diagnosis and treatment.

•    TCM diagnosis focuses on observing, listening, asking and checking, emphasizes more on the interaction between the doctor and the patient. Therefore, the design of the Chinese medicine devices should pay more attention to the building of the environment and atmosphere, providing both doctors and patients with easier, more natural and more amiable medical experience. Simultaneously, in order to quicken the modernization of Chinese medicine equipment, the designer of the device has infused the sense of profession and technology throughout the process to build the atmosphere without weakening the functional feeling.

•     In optimizing the user experience, the designer built the ergonomic model from nothing to maximumly optimize every detail of the detecting process through times of study and discussion. The design was honorably included in Ergonomics in Design, the textbook published by Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press.

•     In highlighting the positioning of the device as a set of Chinese medicine equipment, the designer integrates the image of a ginkgo leaf to imply the meaning of longevity and health into the 3D and suspending shape of the operating platform accompanied by a concise and cozy integrated chair to present a sense of rhythm and lightness. In addition, we designed a new logo in the shape of a ginkgo leaf to further convey our annotation on the design concept of modern Chinese medicine equipment.

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