•     时差培养箱是试管婴儿胚胎培养设备,其承载着家庭的愿景和父母的期待,是爱与希望的守护者,是孕育胚胎的第一位“母亲”。

•     “妈妈酱“是这款设计的名字,我们希望将妈妈的关爱与呵护作为设计的主题。产品整体端庄大方,温润亲和。左侧10组培养皿依次排列,再加上右侧触摸屏区域自然翘起,犹如一位母亲侧脸慈爱地望向自己怀中的宝宝,眼神中充满了爱,怀抱中充满了温暖!

•     产品右侧为灵动的悬浮设计,给人以雕塑感、艺术感以及未来感的视觉印象。既提升了产品右侧的操作便利性,同时又避免了因过于方正呆板而使产品缺乏活力。

•     色彩设计为白色搭配中灰色,点缀淡橙色的方案。给人以专业信赖感的同时,显现出强大的生命力。同时,左侧灯光有节奏地闪烁,好似心脏强有力的跳动,无处不蕴含着生的希望!

•    TD incubator is an embryo culture equipment for the test-tube baby, which is the carrier of the vision of a family and expectations of the parents, the guardian of love and hope, the first “mother” of embryo incubation.

•     We entitle the concept of the design as “Mom Chan”---the maternal love and care---to imply the theme of the design. The overall design of the product is demure and decent, gentle and amiable. With 10 petri dishes well arranged on the left and the naturally up-warpped touch screen area on the right, it looks like a mother gazing affectionately at her babies in her arms, full of love and warmth.

•     The right side of the product is designed in a bright and suspended way, giving a visual sense of sculpture, art and future, boosting the easy operation on the right on one hand and avoiding the stiffness and sluggishness of foursquare that make the product lifeless on the other.

•     The color design is a precept of white matched with mid-gray and interspersed with light orange, giving a sense of professional trust and showing as well the power of vitality. And also, the rhythmically flickering lights on the left give the effect of powerful beats of the heart, implying the hope of life that the device intends to demonstrate.

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