•     以割草机为代表的园林工具,多以专业、稳定、高效为设计目标,视觉语言也较为单一。但分析其使用场景,日趋多样的用户需求,对割草机的设计提出了新要求。

•     本次设计大胆使用多边形为主形体,犹如“黑武士”的面具,充满力量感与科技感十足,;设计师顺应切面的走向,搭配相符的条形进风孔,整体设计浑然一体;上下分件的形式,从视觉上增加识别度,更为后续配色设计,提供更多可能。

•     LOGO和贴纸的形态,与主体的多边形造型呼应,进一步烘托产品的科技属性。白色高亮的主体壳,与银色哑光件形成颜色、表面光泽度的对比,更添一分消费品般的精致优雅。

•     The garden tools represented by brush cutters are mostly professional, stable and efficient, and the visual language is relatively simple. However, the analysis of its use scenarios shows that increasingly diverse users’ needs have raised new requirements for the design of the mower.

•     This design boldly uses polygon as the main body, just like the mask of "Black Warrior", full of power and sense of technology; the designer conforms to the trend of the section, matches the strip air inlet, and integrates the overall design; the form of upper and lower parts increases the visual recognition, and provides more possibilities for the subsequent color design.

•     The logo and sticker echoes the polygonal shape of the main body, which further sets off the scientific and technological attributes of the product. The white highlight of the main shell, contrasts with silver matte parts in color and surface gloss, adding delicate elegance to the product.

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