•     2020年的一场疫情,让我们深切体会到了医护人员的辛苦,也让我们意识到,好的产品不仅要专业、高效,更需要考虑到以人为本,注重人性关怀,而这也是爱谷设计一贯秉承的设计理念。

•     西安天隆作为国内基因检测、分子诊断领域的主力企业,产品惯有稳重、大气的气质。设计师将矩形作为主形体,搭配圆弧和倒角层次,丰富产品细节;将日常操作区域进行分色处理,易于操作;上方的倒角倒梯形作为视觉中心,极大的提升产品辨识度;同时形成独特PI,为后续的同系列产品明确设计方向。

•     简洁而独特的外观,与繁忙的工作状态形成对比,给人以优雅、内敛、安心之感。本款核酸提取仪在2020年的疫情中,为抗疫工作贡献了一份力量!

•     An epidemic in 2020 lets us deeply understand the hard work of medical staff, and also lets us realize that good products not only need to be professional and efficient, but also need to be considerate, and to be focused on human care. This is exactly the design concept of I.CO.

•     Xi'an Tianlong, as the main enterprise in the field of gene detection and molecular diagnosis in China, has a steady and atmospheric quality. The designer takes the rectangle as the main body, matches the arc and chamfering layer, enriches the product details; carries on the color separation processing to the daily operation area, which is easy to operate; the chamfering inverted trapezoid above is designed as the visual center, which greatly improves the product identification; at the same time, forms the unique PI, which makes the design direction clear for the subsequent products of the same series.

•     Simple and unique appearance, in contrast to the busy working state, gives people a sense of elegance, introverted and peace of mind. This nucleic acid extractor will contribute to the anti-epidemic campaign in 2020!

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