•     新华集团虽然产品长期积累了不错的口碑,但部分产品形象依然较为保守、传统。新华集团也希望全线的各类产品均能改变以往的形象,因此交由我们为其药瓶吹灌封一体机这款大型设备进行外观设计。

•     因药瓶吹灌封一体机的内外环境较为严苛,故产品主要为不锈钢材料。由于材料、工艺及成本的限制较大,设计的发挥空间十分有限!因此,如何在有限的条件下,做出不同的设计,是本次项目的重中之重。

•     设计师打破了大型设备仅依靠平面做设计的惯性,大胆的使用了多边形切割元素,使产品极具立体感。原色拉丝不锈钢与黑色半透明亚克力材质,既符合了产品的消毒要求,又丰富了产品的视觉层次,使产品具有极强的辨识度,也奠定了后续产品的PI元素。同时,大面积的材质拼接,降低了加工难度,也在一定程度上,降低了加工成本。

•     平面设计上,同样运用了多边形和线条的元素,与整体设计相呼应。顶部的LED灯不仅仅是为了装饰,更能起到状态指示的作用,帮助使用者快速识别产品的运行状态,更及时的进行操作。

•     SHINVA Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. (SHINVA) is a leading enterprise in the field of medical devices. Although its products have accumulated a good reputation for a long time, the image of some products is still relatively conservative and traditional and the company also hopes that all kinds of products in the whole line can change the image of the past. Therefore, the company entrusted us to design the appearance of the all in one machine for blowing, filling and sealing.

•     Because the internal and external environment of the all in one machine for blowing, filling and sealing is so severe, stainless steel is selected as its main material. Due to the limitation of material, technology and cost, the design has very limited room to play! Therefore, how to make different designs under limited conditions is the top priority of this project.

•     The designer broke the inertia of large-scale equipment only relying on plane design, boldly used polygonal cutting elements, making the product highly three-dimensional. Primary color brushed stainless steel and black semi-translucent acrylic material, not only meet the disinfection requirements of the product, but also enrich the visual hierarchy, so that the product has a strong identification, and lay the PI element for the follow-up products. At the same time, a large area of material splicing, reduces the difficulty of processing, and also, to a certain extent, reduces the processing costs.

•     In graphic design, the same use of polygon and line elements, and the overall design echoes. The top LED lights are not only for decoration, but also for status indication, helping users quickly identify the running status of the product and operate it timelier.

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