•     AE120与AE240同属一个产品系列,功能接近,前者定位低于后者。

•     考虑到家族化的需要,我们延续了AE240的两个设计思路,即功能区独立化以及功能区立体化,同时保留了反应杯进料区作为设备制高点的设计特征。

•     考虑产品的定位差以及设计趋势的发展,AE120的设计语言相较于AE240会更加柔和并更具气质化。在延续功能区立体化思路的同时,使产品更显自然、亲和并且浑然一体。

•     由于设备有台式和柜式两种配置,考虑到柜式更大面积的白色,我们增加了一套配色方案以适应于不同的构成形式。
•     AE120 and AE240 belong to the same product family, with similar functions. The former is positioned lower than the latter.

•     Considering the need of familiarization, we continue the two design ideas of AE240---functional area independence and functional area in 3D, while retaining the design features of the reactor feed area as the commanding point of the equipment.

•     Considering the product positioning difference and the development of design trend, we make the design language of AE120 softer and more temperament than that of AE240. In continuing the three-dimensional thinking of the functional area, we make the product more natural, friendly and integrated.

•    As the equipment has two configurations---desk type and cabinet type, we have added a set of color matching scheme to adapt to different composition forms in considering the larger white area of cabinet type.

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