•     这是一款从血小板聚集、凝血、纤溶等整个动态过程来监测凝血过程的分析仪。在对竞品及用户分析过后,我们将更多的趣味性及科技感投入于设计中,也增添了更多的关怀感,从而使产品摒弃掉以往国产同类产品粗糙保守甚至有些简陋的传统印记。

•     我们将触摸显示屏与下方的检测区域做成两个部件,以相同的曲面造型进行串联,在未来产品扩展为四通道甚至八通道时,可以自由组合,并且通用的模具为客户大大降低了制造成本。
•     This is an analyzer that monitors the whole process of coagulation from platelet aggregation, coagulation and fibrinolysis. After analyzing the competitive products and their users, we put more interestingness and sense of science and technology into the design, and more care as well, so that the product will abandon the traditional mark of roughness, conservativeness or even crudeness dwelling in some simple domestic products.

•     We make the touch screen and the lower detection area into two parts, which are connected with the same curvy surface modeling. When product is expanded to four or eight channels in the future, it can be freely combined and the universal molds will greatly reduce the manufacturing costs for the customers.

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