•     这是用于生物实验室做细胞及微生物培养使用的设备,并要可扩展为一个系列。作为新华医疗全新的家族化产品,我们决定为其建立一套新的PI体系。

•     此类产品由于操作形式及内部架构等比较固定,材质工艺等也几近相同,大多形态类似,这时产品的细节则是决定成败的关键。我们借鉴了很多消费型产品的细节特点,为原本呆板甚至有些粗糙工业化味道的设备增加了轻松愉悦的细节元素,并且以铝合金优雅的折弯,将注塑件做半包裹,并把这种造型特征作为PI系统主元素,延续到该系列其他产品中,增加了该家族产品的识别性,在外观与功能上都充分满足了客户的期许。
•     The device is for cell and microbe culture in biological laboratory, and it can be expanded into a series. As a new family product of Xinhua Medical, we decided to establish a new PI system for it.

•     The details of this type of products are crucial since the operation model and internal structure are nearly fixed, the material and technology are almost the same, and the appearances of them are similar. Taking the details of many consumer products for reference, we have added relax and pleasant elements into the original mechanical which is rough and industrialized. We gracefully wrap up the plastic surface with well bended aluminum alloy and make these styling features as the main elements of the PI system which can be extended to other products of the series for recognition. The product has fully met the expectations of the users on its appearance and functions.

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