•     此款产品是用于医疗教学的设备,现有的医疗类教学用设备,其发展水平往往明显落后于医疗设备,因为需求往往都关注在实用性及耐用性方面而忽略了其外观,因此我们结合竞品和医疗类产品的发展趋势,以及产品用户和环境的需求特点,将新产品的设计风格确定在未来科技的方向。

•     在保持外观曲面流畅的前提下,尽力符合产品的使用要求,是设计中一项不小的挑战。由于是教学用设备,配合产品使用的配件多且杂。且考虑到学生使用时人数众多,极有可能无意中遗失或损坏配件,因此,妥善保管好附件就显得十分重要。在设计中,于产品右侧设计了绕线器和托架,底部设计了抽屉,并附有限位装置,尽可能保证使用的便利,同时保持产品外观的完整性。
•     This product is used as medical teaching equipment. The development level of the existing medical teaching equipment is significantly behind the medical practical equipment as the demand is often laid on the practicality and durability instead of its appearance. For this reason, we combine the development trend of competitive products and medical practical products, as well as the demanding characteristics of the users and the environments, to orient the design of a new product to the direction of future science and technology.

•     On the premise of keeping the surface smooth, it is not a small challenge in the design to try to meet the use of the product. Since the product is a teaching device, many and miscellaneous accessories needed for use. Considering the large number of students, it is very likely to lose or damage the accessories by chance, so it is very important to keep the accessories properly. Eventually, a winder and bracket are designed on the right side of the product; a drawer is designed at the bottom with a limiting block attached to it. In this way the convenience of use is ensured and the overall appearance is kept.

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