•    四通道特定蛋白分析仪作为生化分析和化学发光分析的有效补充,适用于血液中特定蛋白含量检测,与专用测量杯配套使用可快速、准确的进行多项目检测。

•    为保障其医疗环境的清洁安全性,防止异物进入反应杯插口,设计师经过研究后巧妙的设计了内部滑动机构,当向上开启时,反应杯插槽露出,锁定后开始工作;当向下关闭时,则恰好遮挡插槽起到罩盖的作用,良好的避免了外观上的突兀与赘余。

•    整体造型简约清新,与众不同的独立触控屏外观设计使得用户的操作示意一目了然。银灰色屏幕与白色主体的配色对比,在凸显产品专业可靠性的同时也为其增添了灵动的趣味感。

•     As an effective complement to biochemical analysis and chemiluminescence analysis, four channel specific protein test analyzer is suitable for the detection of specific protein content in blood. It can work quickly and accurately in multiple-item tests if it is used with special measuring cup.

•     In order to ensure the cleanness and safety of the medical environment and prevent foreign matters from entering the socket of the cuvette, the internal sliding mechanism is designed smart enough to avoid being apparently abrupt and redundant after being carefully studied----when it is turned on upwards, the socket of cuvette is exposed and locked for working; when it is turned off downwards, the socket of cuvette is well covered.

•     The overall shape of the device is simple and fresh, and the unique appearance design of the independent touch screen makes the user's operation menu clear at a glance. The silver-grey screen matches the white main body, highlighting the professional reliability of the product, and at the same time, adding a flexible sense of interest to it.

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