产品介绍 发电机类产品,分为个性消费类和专业工程类。
Generator products, divided into individual consumer and professional engineering class
项目目标 产品定位、产品系列化设计。
Product positioning, product serial design.

• 品牌分析及产品定位 


科技与创新是康思特公司的品牌特质,因此体现产品的高性能与高科技就成为了其PI体系的核心。在此基础上,我们为康思特规划了两个产品系列,分别为数码变频发电机以及框架式发电机组。前者偏向于体现未来、科技与趣味,而后者则着重强调产品的专业、稳固与性能。为了强化产品酷感、先锋的视觉印象,我们将两个系列的产品主色设定为神秘且深沉的深灰色以及黑色,同时再点缀性能取向的明黄色,使产品形象既强烈又不会过分嘈杂。   Science and innovation is the brand feature of ConST, so its PI system should focus on the presentation of good property and high-tech of products. We bring forward two product series: the digital variable frequency generator and the framework generator.The former emphasizes on future, science and fun while the latter, professionalism, stability and property. To strengthen the visual impression of activeness and pioneering, we define the major colors of these two series as the mysterious deep blue and black and add in them some light yellow, making the product image strong but not too much.

• 数码变频发电机系列化设计 


数码变频发电机产品形体曲面异常复杂,丰富的细节与汽车级曲面的应用极大提升了产品的品质感与精致度。 面向年轻个人用户的CST1000i的设计灵感来自于水滴,轻巧而充满趣味感;主流的CST2000i面向家庭用户,灵感源于切面棱镜,强调未来科技以及酷感先锋;高端家用兼顾商用的CST3000i的设计灵感则取自奔流不息的江河湖海,给人以气势磅礴视觉印象。   The digital variable frequency generator features complicated curved surfaces, rich details, and vehicle curved surfaces, greatly improving products quality and exquisiteness. CST1000i, targeted at the young individual customers, is inspired by water drops, thus its design is smart and full of fun; CST2000i, targeted on family users, is inspired by edge glass, thus emphasizing on the future science and pioneering fashion. CST3000i, targeted at high-end family users and commercial buyers, is inspired by the ceaseless rivers, giving people an impression of strong visual effect.

• 框架发电机组系列化设计 


框架式发电机组产品的内部机械部件外露,容易给人以嘈杂、粗糙、危险的感受。因此,我们设计了大面积的塑料覆盖件以进行必要的遮挡,同时使产品形体尽量稳定、扎实,从而强化了产品的安全感以及信赖感。为使产品更显性能范儿,我们还大量采用多边形以及“切面“的特征,并搭配类似跑车进气口的设计细节。   The framework generator, due to its exposed internal machinery components and parts, tends to give people an impression of noise, coarseness and danger. Therefore, we design a large plastic covering part to cover these components and make the generator more stable and trustworthy in form so as to strengthen its sense of security and trust. To make the generator more outstanding in properties, we employ a lot of polygons and “cut-surfaces” and combine them with design details like the air inlet of the sports car.


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