产品介绍 数码变频发电机 以汽油为能源的小型便携式发电设备。可为电器设备以及家用电子产品提供电能。
Digital inverter generator , a small portable device fed by petrol, is able to supply power for electric appliances and household appliances.
项目目标 NEW VI 、 NEW PI 、系列化产品设计
Design of NEW VI, NEW PI and serial products.
操作步骤 设计研究、品牌进化、产品定位、产品设计  
Design research, brand evolution, product positioning, product design.




•     通过各品牌定位分布对比、产品风格区域划分、新老产品分布对比,我们总结出三大设计发展趋势。

•     We summarize three trends in design development by comparison of each brand’s positioning distribution, identification of the product style and comparison of the distribution of new products and old products.


•     SD1000i为低功率入门级产品,用于户外娱乐供电,为笔记本电脑、手机平板等个人电子设备充电 。用户多以年轻人为主,他们喜爱追逐潮流,注重产品便携性,因而产品外观时尚会成为他们考虑购买的重要因素。
  •     As a low-power and entry-level product, SD1000i is designed for supplying power for outdoor entertainment and personal electronic equipment, for example, laptop computer, cellphone, tablet computer, etc. Young people are main users of this product. They tend to embrace the fashion and prefer portable products, and as a result, the fashionable appearance of the product counts when they select products.


•     SD2000i为中端产品,用于家庭自驾游,为烧烤架、微波炉、小型冰箱等小型家电供电。用户多以家庭为单位使用,因此变频机产品外观要更加融入家居环境,展现出稳定、亲切、优雅的气质。
  •     As a medium-end product, SD2000i is designed for supplying power for self-driving travel and small electronic household appliances, for example, barbecue, microwave oven, small refrigerator, etc. Households are main users of this product; therefore, the appearance of the variable frequency product shall be compatible with the living environment and possess the quality of being stable, friendly and elegant.
•     AY2000i为中高端产品,相较SD2000i,用户更加注重产品的价值感、品质感,因而高端、科技、精致成为他们的附加要求。

  •     AY2000i is medium and high end product. Compared with users of SD2000i, those of AY2000i attach more importance to quality and value of products. In consequence, top grade, technology and delicacy are their additional requirements for the product.


•     AY3000i为大功率高端产品,用于家庭备用电源,或房车出行的电能储备。用户以家庭为单位的享受型人群为主,追求高质量生活品质,希望享受科技的高端产品,为其带来的舒适体验。   •     As a high-end and high power product, AY3000i is designed for standby home power or power storage of motor home. Households paying much attention to enjoyment are main users of the product. These users place stress on high-quality life and high-tech products are expected to bring about comfortable experience for them.


•     据对用户需求的深刻发掘,我们惊讶地发现,当今美国用户实际上已不将数码变频发电机产品归为传统认知的动力机械类产品,而是定位为用于娱乐的家用产品。这是我们得到的最有价值的信息,也是我们帮助ATIMA品牌寻求差异化的关键!   •     According to extensive survey for user requirements, we are surprised to find that, actually, nowadays American users regard the digital variable frequency motor as household products for entertainment instead of traditionally considered power machine. This is the most valuable information we have got and is also quite important for us to distinguish ATIMA from other brands.

品牌定位分析+NEW VI + NEW PI


•     区别于HONDA的专业经典、YAMAHA的科技创新、KIPOR的平衡中庸,结合多面调研结果,我们成功提炼出“娱乐精神”这一重要的潜在需求,从而赋予ATIMA更加偏向于自然、愉悦的全新品牌定位,一改其之前几乎与HONDA品牌定位相重叠的窘境!   •     To distinguish from professional and classic HONDA, high-tech YAMAHA and balanced and moderate KIPOR, we abstracted “entertainment spirit”, an important potential requirement of users, from survey results in multiple aspects. This shapes ATIMA into a brand more natural and pleasant, and in this way, ATIMA gets rid of the embarrassing situation where it shares almost the same brand positioning with HONDA.
•     Z轴图主要体现品牌革新度。ATIMA尚为新兴品牌,期待业界肯定,故没有考虑过于超前、革新的品牌定位,而是与YAMAHA品牌革新度趋同,以期望取得更大众的品牌认同度。   •     The Z-axis figure mainly presents innovation degree of the brand. As a new brand, ATIMA expects recognition of the industry. As a result, ATIMA is identified as a brand with the same innovation degree with YAMAHA instead of an advanced and innovative brand.


•  全新的ATIMA系列产品定位没有一个与竞品位置相同,我们巧妙的避开了热销产品的风格元素,为用户带来新颖独特的视觉体验。 •  New positioning of ATIMA series products is totally different from that of comparable products. We skillfully avoid styles of hot products and bring new and unique visual experience to users.

•  通过对用户的差异性需求的分析和对ATIMA全新的品牌定位,进而确定了各型产品的定位。本次产品定位不仅囊括了所有变频发电机用户群,而且体现了ATIMA全新的品牌特质。 •  The positioning of each product model is identified by analyzing diverse requirements of users and new brand positioning of ATIMA. The product positioning this time not only covers users of all variable frequency motors, but also presents new characteristics of ATIMA.

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